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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  June 27, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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it is hard to watch mother beaten in front have of her little boy and crowd just takes cell phone video, what she says happened to the only person to come to her defense. 2500 people may be out of a job at one atlantic city casino, resort planning to announce their cash out, today. a beauty queen loses her crown, why her birthday plays a part in her stepping down. and make me beautiful is all this woman asked when she sent this picture to photo editors around the world the results that she got back that will make you realize that beauty is really in the eye of the beholder coming up in the trend. >> pretty cool. >> yes. it is a happy friday.
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>> yes, tgif. >> karen is probably at the beach. >> yes, down the shore. >> i'm playing. we have sue serio and roofus here in the studio. >> we will get him on tv, reprice have of take your dog to work day. he was such a good boy last week. we have a lot going on today, it is a friday feel, casual friday, we have ultimate doppler to show you. we have satellite picture as well. hardly a cloud in the sky and that enabled to us get a little bit cooler, just a little bit then yesterday. yesterday no 90 like we were on wednesday. we got to 87 but still pretty sticky. lucky we had a breeze out there to make it feel not so bad. 71 degrees. relative humidity down at 75 important sent, 10-mile an hour wind out of the east northeast. seventy in atlantic city, 67 dover, 56 degrees mount pocono. 69 degrees in lancaster.
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temperatures are a bit cooler then they were yesterday at this time. just a little bit cooler. your philly forecast, the atlanta braves are in town. we did very well against them last week. lets hope we have a reprice of that tonight. we will 77 degrees. very comfortable evening at the ballpark maiden better hopefully by a phillies win. eighty-two is our high. mix of sun and clouds. can't rule out a stray shower with the weak disturbance coming through perhaps later in the day but nothing to be concerned about at all. 65 degrees tonight. partly cloudy and cooler. that takes care of friday. lets talk about the weekend. that is coming up. right now traffic time. >> unfortunately an overturn tractor trailer out bound 95, 141 all lanes block, alternate will be route four. heading out around philadelphia, 13th street closed race street to arch street, earlier water main break, broad is your alternate, guys. >> we are following breaking
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news this morning at 5:03. three people were shot overnight in chester one person dead and this happened at the the cafe at seventh and lloyd street around 1:30 this morning. it is in the clear if the shooting happened inside or outside of the bar. there have been no arrests. also breaking news overnight philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in the city's tioga nicetown section. this happened 2:15 on the 2700 block of germantown avenue. authorities say a 27 year-old man was shot multiple times and he was taken to temple hospital and listed in critical condition this morning. also happening today show boat casino in atlantic city is expect to cash out for g unite here local 54's bob mcdevitt telling fox 29 that the show boat atlantic city hotel and casino will net file workers today that it will be closing. 2500 people work for show boat. mcdevitt says the business in his opinion is still profitable so he says this
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movie quite was a criminal act begins the people of atlantic city. so far we have not heard from the show boat. and in center city today the metropolitan regional counsel of carpenters will hold another rally protesting their lock out from the pennsylvania convention center. they want an end to the lock out. they say it is unfair. lock out started back in may when the union refused to sign work papers. a teenager is under arrest accused of stabbing his neighbors in philadelphia. this is in the olney section. eighteen year-old anthony waters got into their home on the 5900 block of north fourth street, through an unlock back door. we first brought you this story as breaking news on fox 29 morning news wednesday morning. we were there as police broke down the door at waters home. investigators say he wanted to steel and sell his neighbor's car but victim surprised him. seventy-one year-old woman and 54 year-old man were both stabbed several times.
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police say when they showed up on the scene waters was hosing the area down. he is face ago tempted murder, burglary and other charge these morning. dramatic video, this is stuff you have to see to believe and it was all right here in our area check it out, you see one car just short of hitting a railing in front of the store. other car was in the intersection. this happened at 59th and cedar avenue in southwest philadelphia. police say an adult, and a child, both taken to the hospital after the crash. both of them in stable condition. >> i seen her hollering, screaming and the little boy was like caught in between the railing and the car. >> no word on what caused the crash, or whether or not anyone was actually hit by a car or hit trying to avoid being hit. also this morning a mother beaten, while people stand around and shoot cell phone
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video, all of the while her two-year old sonnies trying to kick her mother's attacker. chris o'connell has more. >> reporter: police say the woman in the red mcdonald's june for the is la tea harris seen kicking and beating a woman on the ground more than 30 times, tuesday afternoon and this is the result. >> i could have been dead right now, if she hit me in the right spot, it would have been over, over nothing. >> reporter: with her face bruised and swollen catherine ferreira spoke about the brutal attack. >> i'm scared because she made threats about my life, my child. >> reporter: the 37 year-old mother said she went to mcdonald's for a cheese burger for her son. she said a previous argument led hard toys leave her job and follow ferreira to the field behind a restaurant. the video shows ferreira being pummeled dozens of times. all the while bystanders standing, watching, and taking pictures. the only one to come to help,
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ferreira's two-year old son, you hear him yelling for his mommy as he tries to intervene. >> he didn't care what was going on he was ant frayed he just wanted to deeven if his mom because that is my world right there, i love that boy so much. >> reporter: you can hear the punches and kicks landing and also hear the woman threatening ferreira's son. >> you better get your son bring kick him in his face too. >> reporter: beating end as the worker is seen spitting on ferreira on the ground, bleeding she's taken to salem memorial hospital and treated for yours to her head and face. police say the rid ohio is sickening to watch. >> it was disappoint to go see a woman being beaten in front of her child. not only lack of regard for human life but shows something about the general morality of people. >> to see that poor child makes you sick to your stomach. chris o'connell reporting there where does this stand?
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woman seen there kicking the other woman is harris, her bail is set at $35,000. she's charged with aggravated assault and two counts of terroristic threats and more charges could come after her arrest. six americans, including a man from montgomery county of been released from a jail in honduras, representative mike fit patrick released this picture of himself meeting with devon butler of doylestown. he was able to secure their release. men were on a shop working for a salvage company nearly two months ago when they were detained by police in honduras. they were charged with firearms violations. captain add myths representative mike fitzpatrick says the men had been living in what he calls, deplorable conditions. time right now 5:08. south philadelphia woman is looking to green up her neighborhood and for a while now mayor michael nutter has taughted benefits of the going
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green by saying the greens not only provide some shade but they also are, you know, beautiful. >> so a block captain in south philadelphia, is up to the challenge, wanted to do what the marries talking about but it didn't go as planned. fox 29's bruce gordon has that story. >> reporter: 500 block of segal street is a better place because of people like catherine le gar, the long time block captain here catherine helped drive out drug pusher. she trims weeds and sweeps sidewalks near the seven vacant lots that scar this block. couple years ago she looked up the the way at a 600 block of segal and noticed beautiful trees that line the street. >> they cool the block down and it keeps your house cool too. beautiful to see. it is earth. >> reporter: so she signed up for a free street tree like the one on her block through the the the tree philly program. after a two year wait she received this notice back in february that her tree would soon be on the way.
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>> up i woke up one morning and there was a tree but there were no leaves there was no green. >> reporter: that is not exactly right catherine add myths there were four green leaves on the blue beach that she received but they soon fell off leaving nothing but curled, brown, dried, dust. >> look, and they fall. >> reporter: catherine said she continued to water the tree as instruct but this is what it looked like. charlie brown christmas tree. >> charlie brown christmas tree is what i received. >> reporter: catherine says when she called to complain she was tell to wait a in or two that the tree might come back to life. she's not holding her breath. i called tree philly. message on the call here they are on vacation until july. >> reporter: catherine says she was just trying to do what the mayor advised, green up her block. >> i'm going door to door asking people do they want a tree. sure let me see what you get. >> reporter: no what do they say. >> now they say we don't want a tree abe i don't blame them. >> reporter: i made a second call this time to the mayor's office and heard back from the folks at parks and recreation.
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thursday afternoon they sent a crew out to check and water it again f they determined it is in fact dead and it sure looks that way they promised they will put catherine at the top of the list to get a new street tree. she may have to wait until mid-september or so when hot weather pass toes get it planted. working to get results in the news room i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. we are looking at our weather today but we will start off with a look at yesterday's high temperatures to see if anybody made it to 90 like we did on wednesday, it is 84 in allen tune from yesterday, 77 in mount pocono but nothing there, nope, 87 degrees in philadelphia. eighty-five doylestown. eighty-seven chester. nothing there. nobody made it to 90 down in south jersey either, it was 84 degrees yesterday in cape may. that was yesterday, this is now. nothing to show you on ultimate doppler radar closest rain we can find is well to the south and i a quick look at future cast shows a few showers popping up later on in
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the day, very isolated, not a big deal, don't cancel any plans for today, they will be very, very spotty and you may not even see a shower at all but we will tell you bit. head line really is how much lets humid it will be today, then it was yesterday and can you believe it? two, ten's again for the weekend. 86 degrees saturday. 86 degrees on sunday. especially on saturday we will have have low humidity. it may start to get sticky on sunday but so what, it is the weekend. then by middle of next week weather gets unsettled, warm, humid once again with temperatures in the upper 80's both monday, tuesday and wednesday, kacie? >> thanks, sue. we will start with the southbound side of 202, off ramp to 29, malvern closed until july 14th were on going construction. heading out the tonight citizens bank park phillies and braves fire works night as well. so a lot of extra stuff going on in south philadelphia around 7:05.
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looking at your majors 295 heading southbound also new jersey turnpike heading southbound, it will be slow, chris? >> thanks very much. ninety-seven year-old man with the 40 million-dollar fortune dies with no family and no will. so what happens to all that money. how a love from the past could reap b
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ms. harris: camden students face a lot of challenges
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but they meet them with determination and drive. chanelle: teachers like ms. harris made me feel like i'm part of a team. not just on the basketball court. but in the classroom. ms. harris: chanelle is not just a star athlete. she is a star student. chanelle: i headed to clemson university where i can combine my love of sports and learning- and maybe even win a championship. ms. harris: i wouldn't bet against her. or any of my students reaching for their dreams.
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nag at national headlines a report released on the obama administration's drone policy recommend its usage being examined more closely in the coming years. a washington d.c. think tank finds the expansion of the drone campaign, and targeted killings increases the risk of a continued war. the task force is in charge of the report, and that was created in response to a teach given by president obama last year. in it he promised comprehends ivory view of drone strikes outside of war zones. this is something that might affect all of us right here, government proposing a drastic move that could reduce the the height of thousands of buildings near airports. all across the country. the faa says encroaching development limits safe flight paths for planes, and those planes might lose power during take off. the airlines and airports obviously support this proposal.
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critics say it will hurt property values that might be around airports. supreme court cuts back the the power of the white house. the supreme court decided president obama over stepped his bounds after he made recess appointments to fill the national labor relations board in 2012. president obama argued the that the senate was in recess during that time. the courts say a congressional break has to last more than ten days to be considered a true rees. the president acted when the senate was only on a three day break. unanimous decision supreme court strikes down a massachusetts borings clinic buffer zone law. court ruled in favor of the ant a borings protesters. they argued, stay 35 feet from clinic entrances was a violation of free speech. justice john roberts says that mass chew set did not try enough alternative before inacting the law. the rule may pave the way for similar laws to be struck down in other states. this story has people shaking their heads, a georgia
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father will not be in attendance at his son's funeral as police investigate the child's death. the dad says he left that child inside a hot car for several hours, but the funeral for this little guy, right there, 22 month-old cooper harris is saturday, in alabama. now, the county does not allow pretrial inmates special dispensation. there is an investigation by police because basically the dad, three three-year old just continue harris, did some web research on how long it takes for an animal to die in the hot car. harris was supposed to drop cooper off last wednesday but instead went straight to work. we're going in to this issue further later on. we will have a attorney join us at 7:30. he was at work all day and for got that the child was in the car but now the the the investigation is revealing that he did go back to that car potentially check on that baby and learning now that he researched it, it is just
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excruciating to hear the details. >> yeah, evident thely the dad may have gone during his lunch break and then went back to work. we will see what comes of the investigation. 5:19. let turn to the crisis in iraq. secretary of state john consider i travels to saudi arabia for continuing talks on the regional crisis that is growing. state department warns any sectarian military action taken by neighboring nations but iraq's prim minister says syrian government plans carried out air strikes on sunni militant positions inside iraq. meanwhile, trying to get a handle on the expanding conflict, 180 military advisors are on the ground in baghdad accord together pentagon. yesterday iraq's vice-president called on parliament to come together next week to take steps toward forming a new government. back here at home beauty, drama in dover tonight as controversy swirls around a miss delaware crown. >> there is an issue with age and paperwork and it will cause the pageant winner a
5:20 am
shot of miss america. fox 29's drew dickman sat down with the beauty queen at the center of all of this. >> reporter: brittany lewis was all smiles as she was crown miss delaware 2014. but the the corn nation does in the come without controversy. lewis was originally a runner up to amanda longacre. >> i lost everything. they wanted to erase me, forever. >> reporter: less than two weeks after being crowned miss delaware and signing on to compete for miss america the bear resident learned she was being stripped of her crown. longacre turns 25 in october and although she would still be 24 for miss america pageant in september, rules say you have to be between 17 and 24 through all of 2014. >> i was not aware of that. it is in a contract but it is deeply hidden in the contract. because i was told of my he willablety i assumed my paperwork was verified by the board. >> reporter: when she turned the paperwork to the miss
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delaware scholarship association, she said both side signed a contract saying she could compete. she thinks she's being punish because of the organization's mistake. >> it is in the quite fair if somebody ace loud to turn 25 during yan and be 25, for 75 percent of her reign. >> the penn grad student said she will lose out on 11 you this dollars in scholarship money and a chance to be a void for the people of delaware. >> i really love this state, i love the people here and i want to be a social worker. that is what i'm going to graduate school for. this is an opportunity for me to meet thousands of people all over my state and get to know them. >> reporter: longacre says she has not received any written notice from the miss delaware scholarship organization and has not had any word from miss america despite numerous attempts to contact them. scholarship organization says that they will not be commenting on this because of pending litigation. reporting inside dover downs, drew dickman fox 29 news. not too complicated for
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today, it is a little less than perfect your forecast with you no big deal. you will like it. only fly in the ointment is isolated showers popping up later this afternoon, just a few here and there, but before that happens we will get to a high of 82 degrees. other head behind is how much less humid it within then yesterday and day before. 8:34 is our sunset time again, enjoy your friday and wait until you see weekend forecast coming right up, kacie. one incident to get to an overturned tractor trailer southbound side of 95, all lanes block,
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one trading day on wall street is left and s and p500 is on track for second weekly loss, this month. the index fell two points after a mixed batch of economic reports, the dow jones lost 21-point, nasdaq fell less than a point. more money is the the way if you work at idea a starting next year the retailer will pay employees on average $10.68 an hour. the company says that it is overhauling how it determines wages, for everyone that works in all of its stores. it will base minimum pay on is what considered a living wage in each area rather than on what competitors might pay. >> okay, we have pass words for everything these days from the computer, your atm, if you forget it, it can be such a
5:26 am
headache, right. >> yep. >> hope is change is on the way and remembering them will be a thing of the past. there is new technology that includes thumb prints, face recognition and even something to allow access with the touch of the hand. the experts suggest when choosing a pass would use a sentence as a pass word or include punks ways and spaces. holocaust survivor died, leaving a fortune. >> there is in close relatives here or no known will and several people want to get in on the cash. ninety-seven year-old roman blount died two years ago. his wife of 40 years died before him and they had no kids together. but a woman in poland is claiming dibs on the money. she said he found a will from 1987. she says in it, blount left the the money to a former lover, yeah. she was pregnant and engaged, when captured by the russians and separated from him during world war two. she claims the will claims
5:27 am
that the money should go to her to make up for the loss of their child. a lot of people want that money. >> these people are telling the truth, and mr. bloom has to have about 40 sons and 25 daughters, so, it is a little bit impossible. >> statin island public administrators is in charge of the 40 million-dollar estate, the the money will probably go to the state of new york, a hearing will be held in august. two teens left in the jail cell with no food, no water, no toilet paper for days on even. what the sheriff has to a about this odd case. shya labeouf arrested at a broadway show what allegedly land that had actor in handcuffs and ladies, a
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a violent beating caught on cameras only person to step into help is the victim's toddler what he did when his mom was in danger, coming up, jen. sabina, 2500 people may be out of the job at one atlantic city casino. the resort planning to announce their cash out today. charlie, we're getting reports that your son has been found in your basement. >> nancy grace tells a dad his missing sonnies found in his own home. the thinks the interview you have to see this morning.
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good day, everyone. it is friday, june 27th, 2014. we all want to know what is going on with backyard buddy and roofus is here, sue serio what about muggy, is we backyard buggy. >> muggy is taking a rest and that is a good thing. when you see mug a peer as cute as he is, it means it will be a very humid day, thus the name, get it. there is buddy, bus stop buddy, in his world cup shirt. even though he lost we are advancing to the next round? okay. however that works. phillies won last night, in 14 innings. don't forget your sun screen and shades because we are off to a nice start comfortable with temps in the 60's and 07's. out of ten in your weather by the numbers today we're going with an eight and that is because we cannot rule out a stray afternoon shower or maybe a pop up thunderstorm.
5:32 am
just a slight chance. nothing on radar. 71 degrees with 75 percent relative humidity. yesterday's high was still sticky but 87 instead of 90 and then today we will expect 81, 82 for a high. mix of sun and clouds and a few afternoon showers. tonight we are down to 64 degrees for first friday night of summertime and should be a very nice night for stepping out, kacie. >> thanks, sue. checking on this overturn tractor trailer we are hearing this is still a bad situation. driver stuck inside that cab. southbound side of 95 at 141 completely shut down. they are diverting traffic. no camera shot of the scene to show i backup but there will be a lot, route four is the alternate. heading out tonight susquehanna bank center we have fall out boy and para more at 7:00. so that is pretty exciting. main street in darby closed route 13 to chester pike to island avenue until 30th of august.
5:33 am
septa track replacement, take macdade boulevard, guys. >> thanks very much. 5:32. we are following a developing story out of delaware county. one person dead overnight following a shooting in chester. it happened at the cafe at seventh and lloyd street. it happened around 1:30 this morning. police say a total of three people were shot, the condition of the other two victims we're still not being told about that. no word yet if there is a suspect or a mote any of this. we are also following a developing story in philadelphia's tie yoga nicetown section. a 27 year-old man was shot multiple times on the 2700 block of germantown avenue this one happening around 2:15 this morning. he was taken to temple hospital where he later died. police in salem county are searching for woman caught on video in the red short right there beating a young mother as her two-year old son watched in horror. we have to warn you that the video is hard to watch as several people surrounded 29 women but no one stepped into
5:34 am
help. fox 29's is a buena kuriakose is live with more, sabina. >> reporter: as disturbing as that video poise watch what salem police say what gets them is nobody stepped into help except the the victim's two-year old son. we want to mention and warn thaw video is quite graphic and with that said lets take a look cops say footage shows mcdonald's worker la tea harris pummeling 27 year-old catherine ferreira after ferreira stop in the restaurant to get a cheese burger. police say numerous people stopped to watch and videotape the beating but none stepping into help as hard ace allegedly broke ferreira's knows, bruised her face and gave her a concussion. on the video you can see ferreira's two-year old son kicking and hitting, trying to stop harris from beating up her mother. ferreira says the attack was over a comment she made to friend about harris and her manager at mcdonald's. >> it was a brief conversation
5:35 am
between me and two other girls. it is not as serious as to break anybody's nasal cavity or bone or nose, period. it is not worth it. my face is really bad. it could have been worse. it is really in the worth it. >> he's very strong. i'm proud of him. that is kind of how we are trying to bring him up to protect his mother. it is only them two really. so i'm just proud of him. he did what he was supposed to do. he is only two years old. he didn't even know what to do and he did what he was supposed to do. at the the even of the day that was nothing but god. >> reporter: that is 29 year-old's uncle. the family is very, very proud of their young toddler stepping in while his mother was in danger, as adults nearby did nothing. now harris was expected to turn herself into police last night, she's still has not done so as of this morning. she has already had bail set
5:36 am
at 35 you this dollars in cash, again, police still looking for her this morning. that is very latest from salem, back to you guys. >> saw it last night at 4:00 a.m. and four times since then and it is still hard too see that video. thank you none the the less. happening today show boat casino in atlantic city is expect to cash out for good. the the guy in charge of the unite here local 54 union bob mcdevitt is telling fox 29 that the show boat a plant i can city hotel casino is set to notify it worker that it is closing b2500 people work for the show boat. mcdevitt says that this is a company that is still profitable so equate is it with a criminal act against the people of atlantic city. still no official word from show boat. metropolitan regional carpenters holding another rally this morning in center city. it is all to protest their lock out from the pennsylvania convention center. the the carpenters want an immediate even to the lock out, they say it is unfair.
5:37 am
lock out started in may when the union refused to find some new work rules. 5:37 is the time. teenager is under arrest accused of stabbing his neighbors in olney earlier this week. eighteen year-old anthony waters seen here got in their home in the 5900 block have of north fourth street through an unlock back door. we first brought you this story as breaking news on fox 29 morning news wednesday morning. we were there as police broke down the door in the waters home. investigators say he wanted to steel and sell his neighbor's car but the victim surprised him. the 71 year-old woman and 54 year-old man were both stabbed several times and police say when they showed up to the crime scene waters was there, hosing the the area down. he is face ago tempted murder burglary and other charges. delaware state trooper shot tuesday morning is upgrade todd stable condition, police say 26 year-old corporal lloyd mccann was responding to a domestic incident in magnolia when the suspect tried to take off.
5:38 am
investigators say the 29 year-old suspect fired shots at the trooper and trooper return fire and killed that suspect. shy a labeouf arrested in the broadway show what allegedly landed the actor in handcuffs and a face mask. make me beautiful is all this woman asked when she sent this picture to photo editor around the world. the results that you got back will make you realize beauty is in the
5:39 am
[ mom ] hi, we're the pearsons, and we love chex cereal. so we made our own commercial to tell you why. first, chex makes lots of gluten free flavors. which is a huge thing for us. and there's seven to choose from. like cinnamon, honey nut, and chocolate. i tell them "you guys are gonna turn into chocolate chex!" i like cinnamon, greg is a honey nut nut. when you find something this good, you want to spread the word. [ all ] we're the pearsons, and we love chex!
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it could soon be illegal, smoke from the new jersey parks and beaches, they passed a measure that would ban lighting up in the state and county parks and limited beaches. the bill now heads to governor christie's desk for consideration. if passed it would allow counties and municipalities to set aside as much as 15 percent of the beach, as a designated smoking area. ocean water temperature is up to an average of 74 degrees. we have 78 degrees today because we should include today in your weekend getaway. seventy-nine tomorrow, sunday's high 79. today we could see a few extra clouds and maybe not the most sunny day on the beach but it does look halfway decent, this is your weekend getaway the at the poconos.
5:42 am
cloudy, stray shower in the mountains but dry and warm both days of the weekend. eighty on saturday. seventy-nine on sunday. current temperature 71 in philadelphia. sixty-nine atlantic city. fifty-nine in the poconos. cooler and more comfortable then past couple mornings. dew points in the lower to mid 60's. they are still kind of up there but it will dry out later in the day. dryer air will move in with our wind direction change to go north westerly thanks to this high pressure system building in. rain staying to the south and it does look like just a weak disturbance coming through later on and give us a chance of the pop up shower and that would be anywhere between noon and said three or 4:00 in the afternoon. you may not get one and don't change your plans because of it but perhaps after work when you are leaving and getting ready to go where ever you go you could see a little shower. that is today, tomorrow and sunday are ten's, we will get unsettled weather, again by the middle of the week and
5:43 am
that is when it gets hot and humid as well. so, our trend, of good weekends, and kind of lousy middles of the week still going into the first week of summer, kacie. at least you stick to what works. >> yes, it works, it is fine, if you gave a week even and everyone would be up in arms. everybody is okay as long as fourth of july is dry we are okay witt. southbound side of 95 at 141 all lanes blocked there route four is the alternate. this is overturned tractor trail are they are trying to get uprighted. they are diverting traffic at the scene but a bad situation. if you are heading out in philadelphia, 13th street closed race to arch, broad street the alternate there. still looking at your majors, 543, everything looks good, if you are getting ready to head out, chris. nancy grace tells a father his missing sonnies found in his own home? the interview you have to see.
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chase utley came through in extra innings against the marlins last night. in the bottom of the 14th utley ended the game with the two run home run deep into right field. it was his sixth home run of the year. yeah, baby. phillies beat the marlins five-three. now for the rest of your sports headlines, holes but howard eskin. good morning i'm howard eskin.
5:47 am
try to follow me, nba draft, got sixers players in the first round but unfortunately for fans neither will start the season with the team. andrew wiggins went number one to cleveland, parker goes number two to milwaukee. then sixers took kansas center joel embiid, who is sitting in los angeles after surgery putting, two screws in his foot to repair a stress fracture. he will not start the season with the team during the recovery of four to six months. he really is a medical risk. sixers traded the player they select at number ten to orlando at 12 for a foreign player who will not play for two years because he will be in europe. you got all that. world cup u.s.a. lost but how about this they advance to the final 16. they are playing germany. germany in the dark jerseys right there. score off the rebound. germany the the only goal. germany wins one to nothing but because ghana lost the u.s.a. advances to the final 16. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. 5:47. an amazing moment on live
5:48 am
television, when a father is told that his missing son, has been found, safe. watch this. >> charlie, we're getting reports that your son has been found in your basement? sir? >> what? >> yes. >> you can tell, that charles brotel has no idea is what going on. nancy grace breaking news to him. the the clip was posted on her web site, police found the boy in the detroit family's basement, after a 12 day search. he had been gone for 12 days. according to investigators the boy says his step mom was helping him hide there. police say there is evidence that the boy had been beat when a pvc pipe, the father admits disciplining his son but says there was never any
5:49 am
abuse. >> it is only evidence that there was some crime committed. in crime committed here. that is not what happened. >> reporter: any of sort of abuse there was blood evidence taken out of that house. >> yeah, there was no abuse of my son. >> the boy is now in the care of his biological father, hasn't been allowed to see his dad or step mom, as they are now the focus of that investigation. >> two teens were left in the jail cell and forgotten, for three nights with no food water or toilet paper. this happened in douglass county, georgia. the 16 and 17 year-old replaced friday afternoon and no one came back to check on them until machine morning there is no word why the teen was there in the first place. we are looking at how beauty is interrupted or
5:50 am
interpreted, i should say around the world. >> journalist sent her picture to beauty editors in 20 different countries with the same result, make me, beautiful, now, as you you can imagine, the results were pretty diverse. the kacie, closer look at these photos. the first photo we will see thinks woman without any make up. >> thinks the raw image. >> totally raw. >> yes. >> no make up. >> the not edited, in the touched by photo shop. you will see a lot of pictures. result come from countries including u.s., italy, serbia. journalist is working on a project called before and after. she's continuing to solicit photos from around the world but this morning we have a look at a few of them that really change her look completely. here's a look at original untouched, raw photo. she requested each editor enhance with photo shop. it was up to them to determine how to make her more get beautiful. ab editor made these change that he is used a bright colorful background, eye make up to match. that is what they interpreted
5:51 am
as beautiful. most dramatic change of all of the photos, editor from morocco. they opted to cover would the man by adding clothing and a head scarves. and these are two photos both of which are enhances from an american editor, one includes digital hair extensions and new bright blue eyes, you can see that one on the left-hand side, and blonde hair on the other side with green eyes and heart shaped face. the the journalist says that she learned photo shop allows to us achieve our una attainable standards have of beauty. >> interesting. >> it is in the eyes of the beholder. i thought original unmake up version is the best. shya labeouf in trouble again with the law. >> actor arrested after attending the broadway show cabaret last night. police say he was smoking inside the theater and being disruptive. when he was asked to leave he refuse and threatened the officer and even reportedly spat on them which made police throw a face mask over the the guy. this is latest problem for
5:52 am
labeouf. january he made headlines for walking out of the news conference and late's peering with the bag over his head. sue, top that. >> i got a cute doggie. >> yes. >> he was such a good boy last week forte your dog to work day he got a return trip for today. >> yes. >> see, he is not being bad like that doggie somewhere barking, he is being a good boy today. lets see if we have a good forecast for you today. i will stop talking like this now. a mild start, luckily i never talk to my child like that, just the dog. it is a really nice morning out there we will have have sun and clouds and lower humidity. later this afternoon a possibility of spotty showers, otherwise, if you don't get a shower you'll get partly sunny skies. all and all a pleasant day but a couple rain drops here and there and can't rule it out so don't be surprised if you see
5:53 am
a drop or two. that is your weather authority forecast. we had a problem in delaware on i-95, overturned truck. >> overturned tractor trailer, sue, possible entrapment there. still roadway is shut down all southbound lanes shut down at 141 exit five, police are directing traffic trying to get people off the roadway. alternate is route four. heading out in philadelphia 13th closed between race and arch due to an earlier water main break. broad street will get you around that one. as far as the rest of your majors things look just fine, guys. >> after hearing this you may want to stop your dog from dig in the yard, disturbing find that this husky made in her backyard. [ joel ] i'm billy joel, and new york is my home.
5:54 am
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there's no place like it in the world. my favorite place is long island. it's an endless beach, from long beach, to montauk, to long island sound. with incredible fishing, teddy roosevelt's home, and the first port in the u.s. come discover your favorite part of new york. ♪ i'm in a new york state of mind ♪ plan your summer vacation at there's something for everyone.
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so, some dogs like to dig and what this dog dug up is really interesting, clay pot with human and animal skeletal remains in inside. owner of the four year-old husky said he just moved in the property and his dog had been digging there in the yard for three weeks before making this discovery. when owner saw what was pulled up he called the police. >> there was like man shed i's, with shells wrapped around it in the animal skulls, and then when the pot broke we saw actual a mandible of a human skull. police believe the pot could be part of an african
5:57 am
caribbean religious tradition but police are trying to rule out any foul play. sabina kuriakose is live in south jersey for us. she's following a disturbing story of a woman beating a mother in front of her own two-year old son, sabina. >> reporter: that is right, chris, this toddler witnessed a violent attack on this mother how brave little boy tried to stop her attacker even as the other adults did nothing, disturbing video when
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
look at the people just standing and watching and recording this woman being beaten, as her two-year old son, victim's son tried to stand up and help his mother what police say spark this vicious attack. shot ring outside a delaware county bar killing one person, sending two more to the hospital, what we now know about the suspects. plus thousands of workers find out today they are out of the job. atlantic city show boat casino is closing its doors. i seen her hollering, screaming. >> she is talking about a crash, that sent a car barreling in the convenient store sending people jumping and running out of the way. one witness described a chain of events she will never


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